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MATCH FEES - Until we grow the club sufficiently, we will allow shooters to shoot 3 guns. Fees for the match are $20 ($10 for Junior shooting with paying adult) for the first gun, $5 for the 2nd gun and $5 for the 3rd gun.

SCHEDULE/REGISTRATION - Matches are held on the 4th Saturday of each month. Shooters must register on Practiscore (we will use electronic scoring) but will pay at the range. On-site registration begins at 8:00, Shooter's Meeting at 8:50, First shot at 9:00.

SCORING - Scores will be posted to Practiscore shortly after the last squad finishes. Scores are sent to the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) for entry into the classification database. Classifications are currently updated on Tuesday nights and can be viewed by SCSA members on the SCSA website on Wednesday mornings.

EQUIPMENT - All USPSA Divisions are recognized, including Rimfire (.22) rifles and pistols (both with optics and iron-sights).


MATCH TIER - This is a STEEL CHALLENGE sanctioned Match (all USPSA rules will apply, including holsters for centerfire pistols). There will be 8 stages that will be used in the match every month, and you will need a minimum of 195 rounds to complete the stages. I recommend that you bring 300 rounds to be safe. USPSA/Steel Challenge members will have their scores reported to USPSA and shooters will be classified appropriately.

- EYE AND EAR PROTECTION All people on the range property must wear eye and ear protection no exceptions. If you do not have eye and ear protection of your own, earplugs and safety glasses are available at the registration table.
- COLD RANGE - All firearms on the range are to be unloaded and carried in a holster or case unless in a Safe Area (Safe Area tables are in each bay and marked appropriately), or at the specific command of a range officer on the line. Bay 1 is available for function firing and firearms handling without Range Officer supervision.

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